Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Dream I had circa December 2013

Just to keep my writing hand in, I might as well mention the Kolchak: The Night Stalker dream I had around December 2013. It's brief, I swear!

As it was (and is) my favorite TV series, I've had several Kolchakian dreams over the years. This was more like a fragment of a dream. I had my own point-of-view character for once. I was in some huge underground train station/mall/restaurant area, quite expansive. I was walking toward the restaurant plaza when suddenly dozens of people came running past me, screaming. Rather than join them, I fought my way to the plaza.

Carl Kolchak was the only person left in this dining area, among scores of chairs and tables and half-eaten meals. There was a fountain in the center of the plaza, and some small gardens (barely six feet across) with jungle-looking plants and weird rock-and-crystal sculptures in them.

One sculpture was a mass of stone and blue, glassy spheres. Even as I watched, the glass spheres cracked open and tiny bipedal reptiles scrambled out. There were about half a dozen of them, and they all trotted after Kolchak. Naturally, Kolchak ran around the restaurant area yelling "Get 'em off! Get 'em off!" as they tried to jump on him. He finally jumped in the fountain.

"I think they impressed on you," I said helpfully. "You know -- like baby ducks."

Kolchak yelled "Impressed?!?!" as the lizards hopped around the fountain.

"They think you're their mother," I continued.

Carl probably would have said something unprintable to that, but a loud racket attracted my attention to a passageway to the kitchen. Prep tables and refrigerators flew across our range of vision and crashed noisily against the wall.

"And what'll the real mother think of that?" yelled our favorite reporter.

"Um -- not like it," I said.

So Kolchak waded out of the fountain and ran, with the little reptiles bouncing around him, and I followed. As you've probably guessed, this dream was about the Sentry, and said reptilian monster shambled out into the dining plaza, tossing tables out of its way.

So we went running through an underground mall of some sort, shutting doors behind us, but the Sentry smashed through glass store-fronts and steel door-shutters with equal ease. And the baby lizards kept at Kolchak's heels.

Actually, that was pretty much it. We ran through stores and hallways until I woke up. But it was better than my usual type of dream, where I dream I live in the same building where I work!

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